Debunking Martial Arts Myths

Martial Arts are Only for Young, Fit People

By far the biggest martial arts myth is that you have to be a young person to start your martial arts training. Rather than focusing on training young people, competent martial arts schools focus on helping their students become the best versions of themselves. As such, training is usually tailored to an individual’s needs. With this in mind, the way a school trains an 8-year-old might be different from the way they train an 80-year-old. Nevertheless, the training of all students comes down to one basic goal: self-improvement.

Martial Arts Masters are Dangerous People

One of the sillier myths about martial arts is that martial arts masters are dangerous people. Although someone who has trained in the martial arts for decades might appear intimidating, martial arts masters are by far the safest people to be around when you want to learn about the art of self-defense. Unlike new beginners, masters are experts in their style, knowing how to practice techniques in the safest manner. The example set by masters is also useful to new students who might not know how to comport themselves in a dojo setting.

The Internet is Home to Fake Martial Artists

Although the internet has countless people with phony credentials, some martial arts experts that post on the internet are the real deal. As with anything, martial arts take practice and discipline. Therefore, the internet is not the ideal way to learn a new martial arts style. With that being said, the internet is still a useful tool to learn more information about martial arts so that you will be all the more prepared when you are ready to attend martial arts lessons in person.



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